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Maxtrade KNTR

Industrial software



Maxtrade KNTR is a program working under Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10 for the recording, storage and processing of data from electronic car scale.


The program has two parts (server part and client part)

Server part of the program – MaxtradeKNTR Server. Used for managing, maintaining, archiving, and describing the database. The program is built and compiled on C# programming language, with Microsoft® .NET 3.5.

The following software is required for normal use of the program.

  • Microsoft® Windows operating system’s family – Microsoft® Windows XP , Microsoft® Windows Vista , Microsoft® Windows 7 , Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 10, Microsoft® Windows 2003 , Microsoft® Windows 2008.
  • Microsoft® .NET 3.5. or higher version.
  • Free TCP / IP port number 3306 to which the database program connects.

Client part of the program – MaxtradeCTM. Serves as an interface to the database. It enters, corrects and deletes primary document data. Automatically builds and visualizes reports and analyzes.

The following software is required for normal use of the program.

      • Microsoft® Windows operating system’s family – Microsoft® Windows XP , Microsoft® Windows Vista , Microsoft® Windows 7 , Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 10, Microsoft® Windows 2003 , Microsoft® Windows 2008.
      • Microsoft® .NET 3.5. or higher version.
      • Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Setup
      • Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 Setup

Avalon Ltd has developed customized software for handling of goods with electronic car scales, Maxtrade KNTR.


The program consists of three separate modules (programs). Maxtrade KNTR Server Is the server part of the product where the entire database of measurements is located. The server part can be installed on personal computer – server from the enterprise computer network or the Internet. Maxtrade KNTR Remote is the module for remote access to the database of measurements. This module is used from the managers of the enterprise so they can monitor what is happening on the objects of measurement. It can be installed on a personal computer from which it connects to the server database and see what is the current state of the measurements, as well as all the measurements already made. Maxtrade KNTR is the module client in which the work is done. It performs the measurements and, after completing them, they are recorded on the database server. With this module we can manipulate all the data and settings.


The program works with user accounts and аuthentications. A different number of users can be created, each of which has its own rights to work with the program. Rights can be two types (administrator, operator). The administrator has all the rights to the program. The operator has limited rights to work, has no right to create and change users, has no right to edit and modify the scales, nor to change any settings. With the initial boot the program has user “admin” with password “admin”, who has all the rights to work with it. Opportunity to configure network connections to the server side. This means that the database can be located on another computer in your local network or on a remote computer on the Internet. The final program can use the data on the server wherever it is.

Setting up the program.

Everything you need for the normal use of the program. The user of the program (the owner of the product and the data about it, which will subsequently be visualized in the different types of references) are indicated.

  • Settings of the type of printout on the scales note.
  • Communication settings with the measurement device. Settings for the RS232 communication port as well as the type of protocol for data exchange between the camera and the computer. In this case, the following data exchange protocols are used: FLINTEC, WE2108, XK3118K5.
  • Setting for manual entrance of the current measurements.
  • Make inquiries for measurements already taken.
  • Make changes over measurements already taken (сonly for admin).
  • Information about the program developer.
  • You can activate the product. If you have received a 30 day version of the product, with this functionality you can register and purchase the product.
Work with the program.
  • Server connection configuration.
  • Changing the admin password and adding another user to work with the program.
  • Making new measurement.
  • Finishing a measurement.
  • Functional job opportunities
  • Menu „Exit” exits the program.
Work with the program.
  • Menu „Measurements” shows a chart with all the measurements already done.
  • You can sort the measurements by many creteria, so you can find the information you need.
  • You can make general print of the chosen reference by selecting “General print”
  • You can hover over a specific line of measurements and print out a scaled note for this measurement using the “Print a scale note”
  • You can get a summary of the total measured weight for all measurements in the report from “Total Net”
  • Menu „System” -> „Users”, you manage, create and change data for the users of the program. This menu can be reached only from the admin users.
  • Menu „System” -> „Settings”
Work with the program.
  • You can choose what to be shown as information on the first and second row of the scale note. Usually ocmpany information of the user.
  • You can choose wheather the program should start automatically with the start of the computer. You should have in mind that in this case, the server part needs to be loaded first, otherwise the program will give error.
  • You can set the program to turn off your computer when you exit the program.
  • You can enable or disable work with the program stores.
  • You can disable or enable the use of manual mode.
Work with the program.
  • In the “Print” section you can find the settings for printing the scale note.
  • You can set which atributes from the scale note to be shown in the print.
  • In communication section you can find the settings for communication protocols FLINTEC, WE2108 or XK3118K5 with which the connection between the scale device and the computer where the program is installed is made. Select the protocol that corresponds to your Weight Indicator.
  • Menu „System” -> „server settings”. Here is the location of the server with the program database
  • Menu „System” -> „Program activation”. From here you activate the program after it’s purchase.
Work with the program.
  • Menu „Nomenclature” -> „Saved tare”. From here you can change, create and delete saved tare for a specific truck. This saves you the measurment of the tare of the truck every time.
  • Menu „Nomenclature” -> „Change of data”. This function is only for the admin. The admin can change the atributes and values of each measurement, as well as deleting it from the data base.
  • Menu „Nomenclature” -> „Types of stocks”. From this menu you can create, change and delete the stocks which the program works with. That way when you make measurement, you can choose from the stocks that are already added, without the need to enter it every time.
Work with the program.
  • Menu „Nomenclature” -> „Warehouses”. From this menu you ucan create, change and delete the warehouses the program works with. That way when you make measurements you can choose from previously added warehouses without the need to enter them every single time.
  • Menu „Information” -> „For the program”. Information for the owners of the program
  • Menu „Information” -> „Help”.
  • Shows who works with the program at the moment
Work with the program.
  • Choice of default values at each new measurement. When you make new measurement for “Truck type” and „Offset type” will be taken by default here.
  • Information about server availability and location. Information about the connection to the weight reader. Program user information. Information about the momentum of the program
  • Button for canceling current measurement.


The product has two parts.

1. A server where the database is stored for all transactions. Install from file “MaxtradeKNTRServer_Install.exe”.

2. The client part with which you are actually working. Install from file “MaxtradeKNTR_Instalator.exe”.

3. Additions. Microsoft ReportViewer.exe. Required for printing report.

After the correct installation of the server and client part of the program, you can start using it.


The current version of MaxtradeKNTR is: v. from 26.10.2016.


Tested to work on versions of

ОС Microsoft Windows: XP/7/8/8.1/10
ОС Microsoft Windows Server: 2003/2008/2012
The product has been developed and needs .NET 3.5


The program works with the following Weight Indicators

  • HBM WE2108 Legal for trade precision electronic scale
  • KAW ELECTRONICS co.,ltd XK3118K5 indicator
  • Elicom electronic Ltd. EEP xxx N, NL indicator


Documentation and way of working with the product: MaxtradeKNTR




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