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Maxtrade INS Insurance Agency

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Maxtrade INS

Maxtrade INS, a program for registering the activity of the Insurance Agency.

Automates the agency’s work.

Manages insurance files.

Keeps records of everyone insured.

It allocates the way of payment of the insurance.

Allows work with deferred payment of the amounts.

Ensures timely payment of insurance amounts.

Allows work with multiple insurance companies.

Generates numerous reports on the agency’s activities.

Warns when expiring insurance.

Keeps all the details of given insurances in a database.

Allows database storage for unlimited time.

Allows data recovery from the database.

Developed with the help of the development platform of PHP, Qcodo. Qcodo Development Framework.

Maxtrade INS разработен на Qcodo Development Framework

Qcodo Development Framework













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