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Credit Calculator – Magento

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Credit Calculator – Magento. Plug-in for the Magento platform which allows your customers to buy your goods on leasing with TBI Bank, UNI Credit Bank and BNP Paribas


Credit Calculator – Magento is a program (plug-in) developed for use in online shops based on the Magento platform. By installing it in your online store, an additional button will appear on each product page to allow your customers to purchase the products on leasing using the services of TBI Bank, UNI Credit Bank and BNP Paribas.

II. Which version of Magento is applicable?

The program has been developed and tested for the versions  Magento 1.9.x and 2.x.


Credit Calculator – Magento, TBI Bank

The module is owned by the bank. It is available and distributed free of charge. The development and maintenance of the product is carried out by our company. You can get more detailed information about the module’s work from the following address: https://tbibank.support/help.php

Credit Calculator – Magento, UNI Credit, BNP Paribas

The product is owned by our company. It has been developed and spread by us for several years.
On the page of the specific product that your customer chooses, additional buttons appear to purchase the product on a leasing basis. The same buttons appear on the customer’s basket of requested products from your customer. These buttons appear only for products or for a group of requested products whose price is above the specified base price. This is a requirement of the Banks. There are some of our clients working with this module who have negotiated with the respective Banks a minimum price for a payout product other than the standard 150 BGN. If you negotiate another minimum price, you can change it.


When you select the Buy button with the corresponding Bank, a Credit Calculator is displayed. On the first line of the calculator, the customer sees the total price of the product or the products for which he is requesting a credit. From the second line, the client selects the payout period. When the number of months is changed, the “Monthly Installment”, “Total Payout Amount” and “APR” are automatically changed and recalculated. On the next line, the client can see the “Monthly Installment”, which will be due each month until the end of the bank’s loan. On the next line, the customer can see the “Total amount” he will be due for the entire loan period, together with the interest and all the bank’s interest. On the next line, the customer can see the total “APR”.


By selecting the Send button, the data filled in by the customer is sent to the administrative email address. The customer receives a visual confirmation of the sent request with the next page that appears automatically after the submission. Once you have received the necessary data from the customer to perform the procedure for purchase of a product for payment, you take the necessary steps according to the procedure specified by the bank and you.

The procedures and calculations for the purchase of goods to be repaid are subject to change by the respective Bank, wherever we do, we undertake to provide you with the changes made free of charge. Avalon Ltd provides its plug-in, created according to the current requirements and data provided by the respective Bank. Avalon Ltd is not responsible if, due to a change in the sale technology of a payment to one of the Banks, the module can not continue to operate as it is.


Installation of Credit calculator – Magento is done by unzipping the files in the archive file“CreditCalculatorMagento[_xxx]_X.X.XX.rar” , which you received when purchasing the program in your Magento root directory. Then you open the Admin panel on your Magento store and open the menu: “System” – “Configuration”. You find the section for the plug-in and configure it from there.

If needed, we can install the module for you, and the procedure is free for you. To do so, you need to contact us and declare your request. We’ll need direct support from your site’s support firm.

Demonstration of the Credit Calculators

Test shop – Magento 1.9.x

URL: http://magento1.avalonbg.space/

Admin panel: http://magento1.avalonbg.space/admin
User: admin
Password: 1password9

Test shop – Magento 2.x

URL: http://magento2.avalonbg.com

Admin panel: http://magento2.avalonbg.com/admin123
User: admin
Password: 9password1

Here you can check how the calculators work for the different banks.

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